Brief introduction of VSZM Kft.

Villamosszigetelő és Műanyaggyár Kft., (generally used short name VSZM Kft.) is a plastic processing factory with a great past. The company  was established in 1883 and its predecessor has taken a prominent part in the Hungarian plastic processing and electric industry. The factory has undergone a lot of stages of development and in the last decades has eventually specialized itself to provide plastic accessories for the machine, electric, building and vehicle industry and as a result of this background industry it has pursued a branch out technical work in an great variety of products. On the influence of the economic surround suffered an essential change the company was gradually gone trough a process of transformation, its plant size reduced. The present VSZM Kft. as the legal successor of the former Villamosszigetelő és Műanyaggyár has developed by the independence of the domestic factories, technical modifications and last but not least by the privatization.

At the present the company includes 2 different production part and their service and management units. Whole working staff exceeds 90 persons

The most important range of manufacture is the producing various extruded products such as pipes and profiles that may widely be employed by the electric, the building and the telecommunication industry for manifold functions. The Company is working according to the MSZ EN-ISO 9001 quality assurance system, and exists the TÜV-CERT certificate about that. Without exception all products are existing with the qualifying documents and meeting with the Hungarian standards. The Company’s quality control and assurance system ensure the guarantee of the product’s quality. The quality assurance work is based on a well-equipped laboratory, where all the instruments and equipments are available to make all rheological, mechanical, thermical and electrical feature examination of raw materials and plastics.

The second part of production range contains insulator moulds from synthetic resin, and supporting and crossover insulators. They are widely employed all over the country instead of porcelain and glass insulators because of their many advantageous features, like better mechanical and electrical features, longer lifetime, smaller weight and size. They can be used for fuse carrier, collecting bar, electrical distributor stations, switchboard boxes, etc. VSZM Kft. can produce these insulators with different size and form both for indoor and outdoor applications depending on customers’ needs.

Our company – the renewed and transformed VSZM Kft. – is waiting for the interest of dear customers with quality and reliability being worthy of the more than 100 years old reputation, and would like to satisfy your claims with his products and application services.

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